View Full Version : What to do in 2002?

08-13-2001, 05:57 PM
Not that I'm giving up on our guys in 2001 in any way, but the Sox definately have one big question to answer for 2002. How they answer could be the difference between a World Series or an early exit in the playoffs.

Will Frank Thomas be able to come back and put up MVP-line numbers in 2002?

IMO: This is the biggest if. A big reason for the Sox success in 2000 was Thomas, his bat drove the team, and when he is cold the Sox are cold. Flashback 2000 ALDS vs. Seattle. The Sox still need another bat to hit behind Thomas and in front of Ordonez, Lee, etc. If KW was serious when he was talking about A-Rod, then the Sox should get in the bidding for Giambi. That deal would put them over the top, solidfy the Sox as contenders for years, and also bring the club the type of marketability they have been dreaming of. In light of the stadium renovation and the All-Star game in 2003 @ Comiskey, the Sox must do something to make a national splash. Read this and I think you'll see how right having this guy in Chicago is.
He is worth the money. Also, this would allow the Sox to deal Konerko. I like Walnuts, but if I could have Giambi, I wouldn't cry on PW's way out of town. KW had him on the block earlier in the year but his price was high. As it should be. Which means you could get some primo prospects or a leadoff hitter for him.

This is not out of the realm of possibility, remember Albert Belle?

To get to the World Series the Sox in 2002 need to improve on 2000 and 2001, not stand pat a chalk up the shortcomings to injuries and inexperience. The AL will be there for the taking next year, if the Sox are aggressive in it's pursuit, they can win it.

To me that is the biggest question mark for the Sox in 2002, what are your thoughts on this or other Sox questions marks that need to be addressed?

08-13-2001, 06:12 PM
I would love to see Giambi at firstbase for the Sox next season. I LOVE the Lumbering Ox!!!! Unfortunately, I don't think Oakland will let him get away--especially if they make a good run in the playoffs again.

There is always room Frank Thomas on my team. His numbers are superior to any other hitter's for the last ten years. He's our generation's Ted Williams. Even a Frank playing at less than full ability is better than 95 percent of the ballplayers in the league.

If Frank were healthy this season we would likely be in first place right now.