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01-28-2003, 07:16 PM
I was thinking about the top of the division today and i thought of something....i am totally 100% not afraid of the Twins as a fan.....When we play them i totaly expect to win....why?...because when the indians were out infornt their bats scared the crap out of me...Thome and Alomar..Lofton the list goes on.....but the Twins are sneaky good....i still think with our bats and our 1-2 and the potential of our 3-4-5 we should win this division handely....How long can the bloop singles bail out the twins...we will have to wait and see.....i am not disrespecting the Twins by any means....but i don't think they will be that great this year...about.500

01-28-2003, 07:24 PM
Well I hope your right. I think you still may under-estimate the Twins just a little. Remeber this team made it to the ALCS last year, and when they blew off the A's they proved to me that this team was no fluke, they were solid last year, and have made hardly any moves through the offseason so far, so theres a good chance there gonna be damn good again.

What Im happy about is now I feel the sox have a legitimate shot at winning the AL Central with there offseason moves. The Sox are gonna have again possibly the best offense in baseball ( probably top 3 if not 1st), they have a rock solid 1-2 punch, and a deep and versatile bullpen. It's going to be one exciting season between the Sox and Twins, I can see it going down to the wire.