View Full Version : the pressure is off...

08-13-2001, 11:19 AM
Since were all but out of it i'm going to stop being so dam frustrated and start enjoying baseball again.Our staring rotation for next year should be something to see.GO SOX in 2002!!!

08-13-2001, 11:30 AM
This post is brilliant! Excellent!

He's right. This season has been and continues to be....a mess.

Go to games. Support the team. Enjoy watching Buehrle, Wright, Rowand, Garland and Glover provide us w/ glimpses of the future. While you're all watching and enjoying, the team might accidentally get hot and win 5-7 in a row.

Scouts for other teams and knowledgable fans all know that the Sox will be a major player next season. One only needs to watch these guys pitch to see that. Sit back, relax and enjoy watching our team get ready for next year, the real "It's time" time.