View Full Version : The building of a Winner!

01-16-2003, 04:12 PM
The trade at the surface is outstanding. The addition of one of the top 15 pitchers in the game, actually without losing anyone that leaves a void.

Osuna is a nice pitcher, however has been injured on and off the past few years. Liefer didn't want to be here and Biddle is similar in talent to others in the wings.

I believe the Sox have improved a minimum 10 games with this trade. I hope management, which constantly talks of the future, will continue to realize the future is always now. It is so hard to win with so much inexperience and once success is achieved (as we have experienced with other teams in town) it is hard to financially keep them all together.

With a strong farm of arms (as we potentially have) and being more active with big name FA in upcoming years to fill holes, I hope we can have a chance to win it all for years to come.

Great job Kenny!!!