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01-09-2003, 02:33 PM
Posted on January 09, 2003
By Barry Rozner

A Montreal employee insisted Wednesday that the White Sox are a player in the snail-paced race to pry loose Expos right-handed starters Bartolo Colon and Javier Vazquez.

One of them, and some think both, will be dealt before spring training, and the White Sox would be insane if they weren't pursuing a deal to make their rotation stronger.

GM Kenny Williams will undoubtedly deny the existence of talks, having already denied the existence of the sun, the moon and the stars.

But assuming it's true, the Sox would improve greatly their chances of catching the Twins if they added either Colon or Vazquez to their rotation.

Until now, the Expos' asking price has been too high for Montreal to complete a deal with the White Sox, Red Sox, Yanks or Mets, but costs are dropping with each day that the teams inch closer to spring training.

Montreal owner Bud Selig is forcing GM Omar Minaya to dump some payroll, and some talent, so that the Expos don't embarrass division-mates in New York and Philly, where payroll is soaring only slightly faster than expectations.

Knowing Selig's close ties with White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf, maybe Minaya will give the Sox a starter at swap-meet prices.

In return, the Expos would like to fill a need or two themselves, as long as the players they get are young and cheap. Montreal has holes in the rotation, in late relief and at first base, so surely there is a match to be made.

The White Sox could accommodate them and at the same time upgrade a rotation that currently reads Mark Buehrle and pray for rain, snow and a natural disaster.

After their ace, the Sox have Jon Garland, Dan Wright, Jon Rauch and Rocky Biddle or Josh Stewart.

That doesn't sound like a rotation fit to compete with Minnesota any more than it did a year ago.

But then there's always the chance Selig will try to get the Twins contracted again if he can't hand the Sox another starter.

In the meantime, we'll hold our breath.

01-09-2003, 02:40 PM
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