View Full Version : Watched my '93 highlight tape the other night

01-04-2003, 10:15 PM
A couple of interesting things I picked out of that video:

- Frank has gained a lot of weight!
- The team had an incredible amount of chemistry, and everyone really seemed to like each other.
- I miss Robin, Ozzie, and Fisk. If management had any class, Fisk would be in the front office or coaching somewhere.
- Bo was 'The Man'.
- Frank really was the 'Big 'Hurt' then. I forgot how many clitch hits and home runs that guy had.
- Damn, I wish they would have kept that team together. They would have contended for years.

It was a nice trip down memory lane. I miss seeing Comiskey Park packed, and hearing Hawk and Wimpy do the play-by-play - it's just not the same with DJ. The only thing that's the same is Frank, the ballpark, JR, and Hawk. How sad is that, for a team that seemed to have such a promising future. Since then we're a .500 club, with one trip (swept) to the playoffs. Can grown men cry? I think I will now...

Lip Man 1
01-04-2003, 11:45 PM
I assume you mean the "official" one hour tape called "Good Guys And Winners Wear Black..."

You should see my unofficial one lasting almost two hours comprised of the highlights for most of the games the Sox won that season, about 25 minutes of post game interviews and celebration, the two ALCS wins and interviews that ESPN did with Alvarez and Raines that for some reason never aired.


01-05-2003, 02:23 PM
You are correct, it is the "Good Guys..." tape. Sounds like you have one hellufa tape you made there. I've wanted to get a 2000 highlight tape sometime. Do they make one?

Lip Man 1
01-05-2003, 06:53 PM
Interesting that you bring that up.

I called the Sox after the 2000 season asking if they were coming out with one. I was told "no," that MLB is now responsible for doing those things.

So I called MLB in NYC and asked for a PR person. After explaining what I was interested in and what I was told by the Sox, the MLB person said that he didn't know what the Sox were talking about. He said all MLB productions does is the "official" World Series tape. Anything else is up to the individual teams.

Given the nature of the Sox organization I concluded that the MLB person was telling the truth and the Sox were blowing me off. Another "smart" move by the organization eh?

The Sox have not produced a "highlights" tape since 1993. They didn't do one for 1994, 1996, 2000 or 2001...all winning seasons.


01-05-2003, 09:09 PM
they were selling 2000 season highlights tapes at soxfest the past 2 years at the garage sale. they also were selling them in the gift shop behind home plate but at comiskey they wanted like $30 at comiskey and at soxfest it was just like $10. i meant to pick one up but forgot, i heard it was sort of lame and had no play by play clips in it or anything, just video and crowd noise

Lip Man 1
01-06-2003, 12:24 AM
That's the first I ever heard of such a thing. I can only tell you what the Sox told me.

From what you are saying it sounds like a "low budget" video as opposed to what they did before 1994.


01-06-2003, 10:26 AM
I have the 1990 and 1993 videos, and I must say they are excellent. The 93 has a little more polish than the 90, but I ma very glad to own them. I wish they would continue these. It's nice to bring them back and take a stroll down memory lane.

Lip Man 1
01-06-2003, 12:32 PM
That's your forward thinking, progressive, pro active, fan friendly White Sox organization for you!

I also have the tapes from 1981, 1982, 1983, 1985, 1990, 1991, 1992, and 1993.


01-06-2003, 01:03 PM
I'm still waiting for the 2002 highlights video.


"I am, too. Fans will once again have the opportunity to witness my mastery of fielding."


"I can't wait for this video! Fans will be able to relive my 'tinkering' anytime they want! What could be better?"

01-06-2003, 01:25 PM
Wow, hey LIP, you have the 1982, 1983, and 1990 videos??
man...Id like a copy of those if possible.
and theres supposedly a 2 plus hour one on the 2000 season?
ive seen bits and pieces of the "official" one the sox put out..
it is a bit on the lame side.
Dang...lets make a deal fellas....

Lip Man 1
01-06-2003, 05:34 PM
Hanger 18:

Please contact me at my e-mail address mliptak1@ida.net and I need your e-mail address. Maybe we can work something out.