View Full Version : King Kaufman on Sox & Cub Trades

12-05-2002, 10:43 PM

As snow falls, baseball's in the air
Some things to remember: Jim Thome's worth the money, the Phillies haven't won anything yet, and the Cubs and White Sox are still the Cubs and White Sox.

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...In the Foulke-Koch trade, the A's got out of having to go through the arbitration process with Koch, which will send his salary through the roof, and they got a guy who, despite a misleadingly high earned-run average last year, is a better pitcher than Koch. The Sox will end up having to overpay Koch because he picks up a lot of saves, the second most meaningless statistic in American sports (after hockey assists), and saves impress arbitrators. Foulke will be a free agent after next season, so the A's will have their choice of whether they want to pay him a lot.

It's important to remember, when evaluating deals involving the Chicago teams, that you don't get to be the Cubs and White Sox by making shrewd trades...