View Full Version : Thought on Baker the Flubbie

11-16-2002, 01:24 PM
Just a few opinions regarding the B-I-G Flubbie off-season acquisition of free agent Dusty Baker.

1. What a bunch of dopes to think signing a new manager will turn the ship around, while simultaneously keeping the dope president and moron GM in charge.

2. I would be 100-times more impressed if the Flubs had acquired a stud pitcher. Instead they get a guy that won't ever swing a bat or throw a pitch.

3. I would be 1000-times more impressed if Flubs management had held a press conference and told their fans to grow up and start demanding more from their team. Instead they feed the delusions of their fanbase--helping ensure even more sheep-like devotion to the team for years to come.

4. Signing Baker is the surest sign yet that Andy McFail is on his last legs at Cubune Tower. He won't be able to fire THIS manager without falling on his own sword, too. Firing Hendrick won't be enough to save himself either. McFail bought himself an extended two-year honeymoon with the Baker signing, but he'll have nobody to blame once the team inevitably fails.

5. With McFail's ass comfortably planted in the president's seat, Sox Fans can look forward to at least two more years of complete incompetence from the Flubs front office. This is a good thing.

"The next press conference has me either resigning or fired!"