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10-09-2002, 06:32 PM
If Jerry Reinsdorf wanted to make a statement to Sox fans about his commitment to winning, and if Kenny Williams had some smarts, here is what I would suggest the Sox do this off season (all of which should probably be in deeppink , I know):

(1) Trade for a top notch starting pitcher. I would target Bartolo Colon, in light of the fact that he makes mucho $ and the Expos are likely in need of shedding payroll. But he wouldn’t come cheap, as the Expos gave up some serious talent to get him. I would attempt to tempt them by offering Carlos Lee, their choice of Garland or Wright and any one of the pitching prospects we received in the mid-season trades this past season.

(2) Sign one of the following FA pitchers (listed in order of preference): Jamie Moyer, Omar Daal, Paul Byrd, Chuck Finley, Ismael Valdes.

(3) Attempt to trade for Vernon Wells of the Blue Jays. He is young, has great potential, great speed, is good defensively and has some pop in his bat. He needs to learn some plate discipline, but if he does, he’ll be an All-Star (last year: .275/23/100 w/OPS of .762). Plus, the Blue Jays are desperate for young pitching and rumors continue to swirl that suggest that Wells can be had. I would offer Rowand, Biddle and the Blue Jays choice of Ginter, Malone, Almonte, Valentine, any of the pitchers we picked up in the mid-season trades, Ulacia, Glover (or just about any pitcher in the minors other than Rauch, Honel or Ring).

These moves would give the Sox an opening day lineup of:

2B D’Angelo Jiminez
SS Jose Valentin
DH Frank Thomas
RF Magglio Ordonez
1B Paul Konerko
3B Joe Crede
CF Vernon Wells
LF Jeff Liefer
C Mark Johnson/Miguel Olivo

a rotation of:

Moyer (or Byrd, Daal, Finley or Valdes)
Wright or Garland (whoever the Expos don’t take for Colon)

a bullpen of (approximately, depending on who the Jays take in the Wells deal):


and a bench of:

Willie Harris
Tony Graffinino
Mark Johnson/Miguel Olivo
? (maybe a really cheap FA bat off the bench, like Matt Stairs, Tyler Houston, etc.)

Plus, Borchard would be waiting in the wings should Liefer fail or if Borchard starts tearing up AAA pitching. The roster above would, in my opinion, have the best everyday lineup in the Central and the best rotation. The 2-8 hitters all have 25 HR potential, they have some speed with Wells and Jiminez, defense is decent, too.

Adding Colon and a FA pitcher would, likely, add from $10 - $14 million in payroll. However, dealing Lee saves $4 million and Wells (I believe) makes next to nothing. Thus, overall they’d be adding from $6 - $10 million in payroll. However, if memory serves, the trades of Durham, Howry, Alomar Jr., and Lofton, and the release of Clayton, trimmed about $16 million from last year’s opening day payroll, so even with the suggested moves, they’d be about $10 - $6 million below last year’s payroll. If you factor in raises due to others (including, hopefully, long term deals to Konerko and Buehrle), the opening day payroll would probably be a few million higher than last year, but the roster would be greatly improved.

10-09-2002, 07:26 PM
i hate to say it, but if colon has a no trade clause, we have no chance with him. and vernon wells ain't coming here. remember... we got lenny.

"Oh no! Not Lenny!!!"

10-09-2002, 07:26 PM
You are right. 95% of it should be in deeppink .

10-10-2002, 07:27 AM
I know that none of the above will actually happen. But I guess my point is that the Sox can significantly upgrade their roster, without too much of a payroll hit, if they're aggressive and smart. Of course, JR first needs to commit to making the team a winner (which will never happen - he only wants to win "on his terms"). But with the core talent this team has, there is no reason why a reasonably shrewd GM and an aggressive owner couldn't turn this team into a powerhouse rather quickly. Which, of course, makes the fact that their biggest off season acquisition will probably be some stiff like Steve Parris even more frustrating.