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10-07-2002, 11:56 PM
the problem with the snakes at playoff time this year was lack of depth.

Well, I think that was a problem with the Sox all year. We really had no bat off of the bench. Liefer, Rowand - these guys were awful for most of the year. No use at all. I whacked on Manuel for refusing to pinch hit for Clayton because he thought I guess that it would piss off kenny, but it's not like we had much on the bench (although they were both far better hitters than Clayton) Yea, in September when playing every day, Rowand was better.

So along with the dreams of "number one starter", center fielder, and whatever else, let's put some veteran bench help with the bat on the list.

And speaking of the number one starters, aren't too many "number one starter" teams left in the playoffs. Oh well, that fad is over. Now the winning paradigm will be "5 Russ Ortiz' and a great pen"

10-08-2002, 07:57 AM
Graffinino was fantastic off the bench this year. I think both Liefer and Rowand could be productive off of the bench if Manuel had any friggin' clue how to keep them fresh. He never played either of them in the first half (despite CLee's 1/2 season slump). I think for next year, the bench picture is kind of muddy, depending on what they do with Harris (if he stays in the majors as a utility guy, what does that mean for Graffinino) and at catcher.