View Full Version : A Cubbie Crack look at Crede

10-01-2002, 06:45 AM
I don't know about the rest of the team for 2003, but I am look-
ing forward to seeing some of the new guys play, especially
Crede. If he were on the North Side of town, he'd own the
whole city. He'd be prepped as Eddie Mathews, Mike Schmidt,
Pie Traynor, Brooks Robinson, Ron Santo, Craig Nettles, Ken
Boyer and every other 3rd base great in the whole width,
depth, breadth, height and weight of baseball history. What
the hell, elect him to the Hall of Fame NOW!!!!!!!!!

Whoa. Sorry, guys. Had a little snort of Cubbie crack. Gotta
control myself in the future. I think Crede will be a great one,

10-01-2002, 08:49 AM
You're right. If Crede were a Cubbie you know the Cubune would be hailing him as Brooks Santo. Just wait until next year when the Cubbies have Bok Choi, Hill, Patterson and Jesus Prior. The Cubune will no doubt have headlines after their first win, 'These Kids Can Play.'