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09-29-2002, 10:21 PM
The Chicago White Sox will wake up tomorrow with no place to go. Their season has ended. Finishing at .500 isn't terrible, but the fans expected more. This is not a first-class organization. It is merely an enigmatic outfit that can't quite get over the hump.

I believe that Frank Thomas will return to form next season, if he hasn't already. His play over the past six weeks indicates that he has figured some things out with his swing. I'm looking forward to bigger and better things from the Big Hurt.

Joe Crede was impressive during his two months here. If you calculate his totals over a full season, his numbers are excellent. I have really enjoyed watching him at third base, and I am excited about what he bring to the team over the course of a full season.

Mark Buehrle has established himself as one of the better pitchers in baseball. Whether he is with the Sox three years from now is anyone's guess. I just hope Williams and Reinsdorf don't screw this up, but that's probably asking too much.

Jerry Manuel will probably continue making up lineup cards, even though there are no games until next spring. His tinkering obsession is probably here to stay. I'm already planning to count the number of different lineups he uses next season. I won't be the least bit surprised if that number is over one hundred.

Gary Pettis and Wallace Johnson were reassigned and fired today. I'm not surprised by this, either. It was clear Johnson would go after that mess involving Frank Thomas not sliding, then being gunned down the next day when he was running hard. Gary Pettis is one of Ken Williams' goons, so he still has a job. But everyone here knows who should have been the one to go, and it wasn't Johnson.

If Darryl Boston is named as a replacement, Manuel should resign. There's no reason for him to remain with the Sox as long as Williams is around. Boston's arrival means that the entire coaching staff will be filled with KW-products. The only one who has worked out is Don Cooper. I'm pleased with the excellent work he has done.

09-29-2002, 10:30 PM
Crede was impressive. So was Jimenez.

I think Manuel's managerial decisions have gotten worse because Williams is pulling the strings. Crede was kept on ice in Charlotte most of the summer just so Williams could give Clayton more playing time.

All things being equal, I'm pretty sure Manuel would resign. Unfortunately, if he leaves he loses the remainder of the $ on his contract. Even if they fire him, he still gets the balance of payments on his contract.

I doubt Manuel has the scratch to simply up and leave on the Sox. Of course getting fired by an incompetent Sox GM could be considered a resume enhancement. It sure didn't hurt Tony LaRussa.

"That hurt. MERCY!"