View Full Version : Can anyone tell me?

09-26-2002, 08:52 PM
Why KW or Jerry can just tell Foulke that he can compete
for the starting rotation? Or not?

What would that hurt? The man has patiently sat aside and
watched JM demote and do other foolish things this year to him.
He ASKED not demanded to try starting again. He worked to get
back to old form and he has exceeded his old form. He just wants
to know so that he can prepare or whatever.

All this posturing is stupid. Like KW knows how to wheel and deal.

KW: I want Colon for Foulke(like he would try to get him)

Minaya: Hahahaha! That was pretty funny Lenny. Ill give you
a 30 yr old A prospect.

KW: Have you seen what Foulke has done after the break?

Minaya: And?

KW: He could be a starter like Lowe or the dominate reliever he once was.

Minaya: I got plenty of relievers, and he is not going to be like Lowe. Ill give you two 30 yr prospects from low A ball

KW: Deal, haha sucker that is what I wanted in the first place.