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09-20-2002, 10:27 AM
A Cub fan just called the Score and said that while he is a Cub fan, he never takes his kids to baseball games at Wrigley because the behavior of the fans is deplorable. He instead takes his kids to Comiskey, and he said that he wanted to just make sure that someone pointed out that the 2 dregs were in no way representative of the fans that are normally at the park.

A tip of the cap for that guy...

09-20-2002, 11:29 AM
The info below was written by a Cub fan who was there last night. Congratulations for rising above. I'll try to learn from this guy.

Google Group (http://groups.google.com/groups?dq=&hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&group=alt.sports.baseball.chicago-cubs&selm=3D8AB906.6040801%40mindspring.removeandaddcom )

Given the opportunity, I will go to any baseball game, and when a friend
called with an extra ticket to the Sox game, I gladly accepted. So I was
in attendance and witnessed the well publicized situation where a father
and son jumped onto the field and attacked Royals First base coach Tom
Gamboa. Just a recap, but here is what happened from my point of view (I
was sitting about ten rows up right next to third base and got a good
shot of the situation).

After Michael Tucker popped out trying to bunt in the top of the ninth,
two shirtless fans jumped onto the field, just to the left of the
Royal's Dugout (on the first base side). They ran straight at Tom
Gamboa, who was looking onto the field of play and therefor had his back
to the men. He couldn't have seen them coming when they absolutely
pummeled him in the head and back. He fell to the ground and took a few
more shots, but within a matter of a few seconds, the entire Royals
bench was on top of the situation (with security members), taking some
shots at the two, pulling them away from Gamboa. The Royals also came in
from the outfield bullpen and the White Sox bench cleared and came
towards the situation, but it was clear that the Royals were "dealing
with it" and they wisely let the KC players take care of their business.
There was about a ten minute stop in play, most people were in total

A few comments. First off, I am embarrassed as a baseball fan. While I
cannot count these two as baseball fans, I am embarrassed that this
would happen at a baseball game.

The situation was handled the way that it should've been. Most people at
Comiskey were not aware of what happened, so to fault any players or
umpires on the field for not getting into it is stupid. The comments
that I have seen here thus far have been baseless and low class.
Criticizing Konerko, Hollowell, Harris and others is weak, and
characterizing this as typical of Sox fans is just ridiculous. If these
guys did not see the players entering the field of play, they would've
had no clue what was going on. It was a bang-bang incident and I can
guarantee you that they had no idea what was going on until after the
Royals players were on top of the attackers. If this is typical of Sox
fans (and I assure you, I am not a Sox fan), then what happened at
Wrigley with the Dodgers bullpen is typical of Cubs fans.

While this was news, I am a bit disappointed that media outlets showed
the actual attack. IMO, it invites more of this. Show the two idiots up
close getting taken away in cuffs, but don't give them material to video
tape. These two are proud of what they did and there are plenty of
people out there waiting for their moment of glory.

I was talking with my friend earlier in the game about people who run
onto the field and how to stop these incidents from happening. It may
not have served to stop this, but, IMO, security is far too lenient
about what happens at the ballpark. Fans are allowed to do whatever they
want, in the stands or on the field, and face little if any punishment.
Fans start fights in the bleachers and only face getting kicked out of
the park. I saw one fan start a fight, get taken out of Wrigley, only to
be let back in an inning later. Baseball needs to get serious about what
goes on in the ballpark. Fans should not be subject to nasty behavior by
a few people and those who cause problems need to have the message
beforehand that, if they cause a problem, they are going to get more
then a slap on the wrist.

Finally, this should open people's eyes to the real potential for what
can happen. There are some dangerous people in this world, sick,
demented, helpless, looking to make news..., and this provides them an
easy avenue to making the news. All it is going to take is one fan
running onto the field with a gun, knife or other weapon and something
tragic is going to happen. Not to be an alarmist, but post 9/11, there
are so many things that can happen, and American sports are just another
stage for people to make a scene.

I am not sure that I have any suggestions beyond severely punishing
people who do this as a joke to that this doesn't happen as a drunken
prank. Make sure that people know of the seriousness of what they are
about to do and what they face. MLB should make sure that they know that
when someone is entering the field, they are doing so with harm
intended. I am not sure that I could argue if FMR has any further
suggestions on what to do when these people enter the field of play.