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Lip Man 1
09-17-2002, 10:34 PM
This afternoon I heard a radio commerical on The Sporting News Radio Network that made me do a double take because of the choice of wording and its implications.

The spot is for a new book by The Sporting News called, "Game Faces."

The book brings you an up close and personal look at some of baseball's greatest players.

Here's the line that grabbed my attention...

"Game Faces introduces you to a young Ted Williams, a brooding Frank Thomas..."

Interesting choice of words eh?

It's very sad that an excellent player is apparently going to be remembered for his selfish, boorish behavior rather then what he accomplished. But the even bigger crime is that he brought this all on himself.


09-17-2002, 10:48 PM
Yes, very sad. Also sad that suddenly St. Ted of Williams has
become sanctified. Does anybody from this generation remem-
ber or know what a jerk Ted Williams was? He spit, cursed,
threw bats and made obscene gestures to fans. How about
a picture of "A young Ted Williams, flipping Red Sox fans the
bird"? Yeesh.