View Full Version : A report from Yankee Stadium, 9/14

09-15-2002, 10:55 AM
Ok, so I got back too late last night to post this, but I was at Saturday's game up in Yankee Stadium (my first ever visit to the park, which is a story in and of itself), and I offer the following first hand observations.

- Danny Wright was on top of things, he got into a few jams, but worked out of them with relative ease. He seems like he's approaching the area that Garland was in earlier in the season where I'm not fearing for the outfield fence's well-being every time he starts. He may finally be starting to understand this "pitching" and not just throwing concept.

- Liefer's home run was an absolute BOME!! My friend and I were still gawking in the general direction of the right field upper deck when we heard one wicked crack of the bat and...

- Crede's shot really got out of there in a hurry. He followed that later in the game with a line drive single to left. The more I see this guy play, the more I like him.

- And, in BP before the game, though he didn't play, and though it's not really worth much, Borchard hit 4 or 5 out, with 2 of them outdistancing Liefer's homer from the game.

That's all for me, now back to field theory...