View Full Version : Why? Why? Why?

08-10-2001, 08:47 AM
Damn! Will this team ever get over .500? Every time I think they're about to break through the Sox choke. What was up with the third base coach waving Jose home? The guy can't run? Does anyone think Magglio saw Jose being waved home so he thought it was safe to try for 2nd? Runners on 3rd and 1st in the second with no outs would have made the difference in the game. As for the cubs, they're really making me sick. Sosa is coming out of the dugout for a bow and ESPN shows Matthews making a good catch, but the cubs lost and are only 1 1/2 ahead of Houston! From the way the game was shown on SC I thought the cubs won! Nothing would make me happier than seeing Sosa getting hit on the hand with a fastball.

08-10-2001, 09:07 AM
All year base running mistakes nothings changed.

Fisk Fan
08-10-2001, 09:31 AM
I agree that we have made to many base-running mistakes this year. I will, however, give props to Maggs for stealing that base in the 9th yesterday. Down by one run, runner on third with only one out. Gotta get the job done!