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Lip Man 1
09-11-2002, 08:13 PM
ESPN.com has just posted a partial, potential free agent list for this off season. It is by no means complete but it'll give Sox fans an idea of who might be available and whom the Sox will make excuses for NOT signing! (sigh...)


2003 Free Agents
Some free agents or potential free agents:

Position players:

Edgardo Alfonzo - 2b, 3b
Ray Durham - 2b
Steve Finley - OF
Cliff Floyd - OF (Chicago native)
Jose Hernandez - SS , 3b
David Justice (team option at $7M) - OF , DH
Jeff Kent - 2b (DH??)
Javy Lopez (player option at $7M) - C
Edgar Martinez (team option at $10M) - DH
John Olerud - 1b
Ivan Rodriguez - C
Reggie Sanders ($3.5M mutual option)- OF
Jim Thome - 1b (3b?)
Robin Ventura - 3b


Roger Clemens- SP
Shawn Estes - SP
Chuck Finley - SP
Tom Glavine - SP
Greg Maddux - SP
Jamie Moyer - SP
Andy Pettitte (team option at $11M)- SP
Mike Remlinger - RP
Kenny Rogers - SP
Mike Stanton - RP
Steve Trachsel - SP
Ugueth Urbina - RP

Some folks who could definately help the Sox, but with our owner it isn't going to happen!


09-11-2002, 11:02 PM
Well for the most part I think we would be out of the mix on position players unless for some reason Javy Lopez's price tag fell dramatically, but an SP wouldnt be out of the question......Doesnt need to be a superstar, but at least someone who will give what Ritchie was expected to produce when he got here......I wouldnt mind Jamie Moyer provided he didnt cost too much....craft veteran sounds nice right now

09-12-2002, 02:39 AM
I can't see us being interested in any position players. Catcher is the only position I'd consider signing, but Lopez and Pudges knees are both about shot I believe. When I look at the pitchers one word comes to mind, old. I can't imagine any of those guys wanting to spend the last couple years of their careers with this team, or for that matter Jerry paying them to come here. I wouldn't mind seeing Stanton just to have a reliable lefty in the pen. I shudder everytime Porzio takes the hill.