View Full Version : Info on the Upper Deck Renovations

08-30-2002, 11:56 PM
From cs.com:

The long-awaited renovation of Comiskey Park's upper deck will begin in a couple of weeks if the White Sox get the expected approval of the Illinois Sports Facilities Authority.

Sox spokesman Scott Reifert confirmed Friday the upper deck is the next phase of a renovation plan that began two years ago when the outfield walls were moved in.

"There are several versions [of the upper-deck renovation], and nothing is definite yet," Reifert said. "The goal would be to begin work [in September] if the [ISFA] agrees to it. All the renovations will be done by Opening Day 2003."

What exactly the Sox are planning to do with the upper deck remains a secret, though Reifert said the plan does not involve the removal of sections of seats. More likely, the upper deck will get a new paint job, some added brickwork and revamped concession stands, like the revamped lower concourse received in Phase II of the renovation last off-season.

The Sox are meeting with the ISFA board next week and hope to start work by the final homestand, which begins Sept. 17. If the Sox get the board's approval, as expected, the upper deck will be closed off during the final homestand and anyone with an upper-deck ticket will be able to exchange it for one in the lower concourse. Inasmuch as a relatively small number of season ticket-holders have seats in the upper deck, the Sox won't have to accommodate too many fans.

"It's just another step to make the park nicer for the fans," Reifert said.

Comiskey Park will play host to the 2003 All-Star Game next July.