View Full Version : Another Fans Opinion

08-30-2002, 06:50 PM
While I do agree with Hal most of the time, this time is different.

To take the players......or the owners side ...in this labor agreement is ludicrous.

Is it true most fans do not know the issue?....yes. It is also true most player's don"t know the issues as well, but generally have blind faith in their council to represent them. It has been mentioned on this board that (and I do believe it was Hal) the players didn't have a contract, that it was an extension of the past agreement, so how could they violate by walking away.

It was also mentioned, that books should be read to completely understand the subject. For crying out loud....this is BASEBALL!!!
a game we all love....there is enough money in this for everyone. Baseball is a very simple game, past down generations for well over 120 years. There is no reason why there should be a disagreement. And that is the frustration of the fans and the general perception.

The players have extra ordinary skills, and should be paid handsomely, but to shed a tear for the poor sap who will be paid well below the 2+ million average..... I think not.
It is good money a guy, typically with a high school degree, and a good head start.

The owner's have bid against themselves and made this mess.

The point is the player's were the one's who were going to walk away....that was their choice....and the perception of the typical fan ...is shame on you......just as it would be if the owner's initiated a lockout.

Thank goodness they solved it, although temporarily. I disagree with them both, and see it from the fan point of view, for it is the fans who make the game. This simple game, that is tainted with a dumb arguement.

Interesting to note: the hotel worker's union is threating a strike for the first time ever. Do you really think the player's will not cross their picket line if they strike?