View Full Version : Owners want a strike?

08-29-2002, 10:05 PM
Don't remember his name but someone from the Tribune was on WGN news today and he seems to believe that the owners are actually hoping for a strike and have been planing for a strike for a while. He also says Jerry Reinsdorf has a much bigger part in all of this than people believe. As he says "When Jerry Reinsdorf gets indigestion, Bud Selig burps." He believes Reinsdorf knows there will be a strike that will wipe out the season which is why he met with the team recently.

Any thoughts?

Lip Man 1
08-30-2002, 01:31 AM
Nothing Jerry Reinsdorf does is by chance. He is a cold, calculating you know what.

He was sending a message to the players along the lines of "I'm already mad at you, go out on strike and see what the consequences will be when you get back."

Remember after the 94 labor war, he authorized Jumbotron Ron Scheuler to trade Jack McDowell to the Yanks for three nobodys and allowed Julio Franco to go to Japan. They were replaced with clowns like Chris Sabo and John Kruk.

One other point needs to be made, Reinsdorf was reinstated to the executive committee two years ago, that's the group that advises the comish on labor matters and policies.

Catch my drift?