View Full Version : Ballpark Tour/Fix Comiskey Pt. MCLXII

08-26-2002, 10:48 AM
For what its worth, I just got back from a trip out east, and visited both PNC Park and Jacobs Field since I love stadiums. I strongly recommend a visit to PNC - its absolutely amazing. The stadium itself isnt all that much (attractive limestone and steel) - but the surroundings are stunning. Downtown Pittsburgh across the river looms over you. The Jake is similar with a very intimate park, and fans able to get close to the action.

In both cases, I sat in the upper deck along the 3rd base line. What I discovered right off the bat is how "close" I felt to the field in comparison to Comiskey. I have heard numerous people state that Comiskey's upper deck is just as high and steep as the new parks. Maybe so, but with the parks I visited, the entrances to the upper deck are centrally located halfway up, not at the bottom like at Comiskey. Add to that a larger roof overhang, with the entire deck closer to the field, and you have an illusion of being nearer. Overall, it felt very comfortable - something I never get at Comiskey.

As for a fix, I do hope they consider shaving 10 rows off the top, and install a much larger roof overhang. Another idea would be to add rows to the front where it wouldn't interfere with those luxury boxes. I still can't understand why the entrances were put at the bottom - even "antiquated" Veterans Stadium has central entrances (not to mention Wrigley).


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