View Full Version : MLB: You're fired

08-24-2002, 06:01 PM
I guess I am venting because of my profound disappointment that a promising Sox season dissolved into such chaos. It is painful to watch these guys and think of what might have been if Kenny Lofton hadn’t pulled a hamstring. But at this point my disgust includes the Sox and all of MLB. So:

Open letter to MLB:
You guys are all fired! I have had it watching greedy multimillionaires fighting over extra millions like two packs of hyenas fighting over the carcass of a water buffalo. I might reconsider, but here are MY demands:
1. No more lining owners’ pockets by building new ballparks at taxpayers’ expense.
2. No more performance-enhancing drugs (steroids, growth hormone). They devalue the history of the game.
3. Contract to a number of teams that can be put together with real major league players and can be self-supporting – without selling their best players to the Yankees.
4. Charge what you will for the luxury boxes, but I won’t pay more than $15 and I want a good seat.
5. I don’t know what, but do something about free agency and salary scales to put an end to (a) dismantling teams; (b) rent-a-players; and (c) the trend toward rosters of only stars and rookies.
6. No more DH.
7. Most important, get a real Commissioner, a new Judge Landis who can look out for the interests of baseball (the fans) against the greed of the players and owners.
Until my demands are met I have had it with baseball and will turn my attention to something else, maybe dog mushing, where a team is not a corporation, the athletes are not considered “workers”, and the sport is played for fun as well as profit.

Where am I wrong?