View Full Version : My opinion on Sox young pitching.

08-24-2002, 07:03 AM
Since Manuel lives and dies by the 100 pitch count and the damn radar gun, wouldn't that have a lot to do with what is going through a young pitchers head? If he has 80 pitches in the 6th and has given up a run, he knows damn well he's not finishing the game already and has to be in teh back of his head when the gonja smoking idiot is coming out to use 2 of 5 pitchers.

And as someone brought up earlier on this board, that 100 pitch count has a hell of a lot to do with fatique. If your arm never goes over 100 pitches, wouldn't you think a pitcher would start getting pretty tired after 80? Thwy wonder why they can't get anything decent out of the farm. And yeah some will say we have 3 aces in the minors, but we heard that bull**** 5 years ago too. I'll believe it when i see it with this organization. They haven't had too much time to screw up Honel and Rauch yet. Rauch already had surgury. Minor though. He looses 5 mph off his fast ball and never pitched in the biggs so they bring him up out of camp. Now that's pretty damn stupid.