View Full Version : The Villians

08-21-2002, 07:31 AM
From the Buffalo News:

(Eleven months ago, America was reminded that true heroism was scaling 400 steps into burning buildings, not hitting a baseball 400 feet. Some 350 firefighters and cops died Sept. 11, but city negotiators are suggesting a 5 percent raise. Five percent of the average baseball salary is $140,000, or roughly one-gazillionth the price of a life. What players and owners haven't realized is that fans have about one-gazillionth the patience this time around. People are still angry over the labor strife that wiped out the 1994 World Series. Yes, some fans came back, but how many were forever lost? )


08-21-2002, 09:19 AM
As sad and wrong, you can't compare baseball players to police officers, fireman, teachers and armed force perrsonal. Our society, our economic system dictates you get paid what your replacement level is. It is alot easier to replace a cop, a fireman, a teacher, and a infantry private then a major league baseball player. Plus those professions don't drive billions of dollars in revenue unlike baseball players. Why I agree that those professions should get paid more, try getting a tax increase passed to pay them, but if an owner raises season tickets 5%people will still pay without complaining to much.