View Full Version : Looking for some Game Recap Writers - Spaces filled

03-29-2014, 07:13 PM
Need at least 1 and maybe up to 3 writers for game recaps.

Couple of rules:

Ideally the writers would have a good history as a poster at WSI and have been here for a few years at least with 500+ posts so we can take a look at some of your writing and see if you might be a match. Minor past infractions won't be held against you providing it hasn't been a regular thing.

No guarantees on getting accepted, but if you always had a dream to write about sports, now is your chance to live the dream.

No you won't get paid other than the chance to write a bit and all that awesome street cred you'll gain. Oh and you'll get a nifty "writing staff" name plate in your profile which I believe carries silver level subscription privileges.

We are looking to cover Wednesday night at present and we are looking for people willing to be subs also. Edit: Friday night is now covered. Edit 2: So is Wednesday, but if you want to be considered for a potential sub or for future years let me know.

PM voodoochile if you are interested in being considered.