View Full Version : This is how you honor all stars?

08-07-2002, 07:07 PM
Leave it to the sox oranization to set a day to honor their all stars in the middle of the week during a crappy campaign in which fans will be at a minimum. The greatest players in our franchise history deserve more than this. Would it cause any problems to atleast have the pre game ceremony on the night of a fireworks game or bobblehead giveaway. What a low blow to our current and former all stars. As if Fisk isn't upset enough about his awkard departure from the white sox. Now he's imortant enough just to be honored at a low attendance game. I do not blame the fans for this in anyway by not coming out, the way the sox have been playing those should be the numbers attending a mid week game, i blame the organization for picking such a lousy night to honor our best.