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08-05-2002, 03:06 PM
If we go into next season with this manager and this coaching staff IT WILL BE UNBELEIVEABLE! Today this idiot we have coaching 3rd base is a wonder to behold, how in the world is this guy a 3rd base coach first he nearly gets Aaron Rowand thrown out at 3rd base on what should have been an easy triple(I don't know how the guy can talk his way out of this play being his fault getting Rowand almost thrown out when the replay shows him just standing there pointing at the base,even Harrelson & his partner were amazed at wavin wally)then johnson nearly gets Aaron picked off by the catcher again it looked like wally was just standing there, should'nt he be telling Rowand that he does'nt need to be getting off 3rd base that far, then he had to be telling Rowand that he was going on contact, a play that never works especially with the Sox and especially when then ball is hit on astro turf to the 3rd baseman. I know the season is over but earlier in the year I read that when the season ends that all of the coaches will be reevaluated except Wallace Johnson because he's Manuels buddy well I say they should all go after the last game of the year - MANUEL, JOHNSON, PETTIS,WARD, COOPER,KUESHNER, EVERY ONE OF THEM! LETS GO OUT THERE AND GET A REAL MANAGER AND COACHING STAFF THAT WILL BRING IN A WINNING ATTITUDE! Players getting thrown out at homeplate,getting picked off at 1st & 3rd base, hitters not being able to get at the least a flyball with a runner at 3rd .Catchers that are just terrible why oh why would they get rid of Alomar when they only had these two 4th string catchers is beyond me , they could'nt even throw out Konerko if he tryed to steal on them. This team is'nt even going to finish up with some heart and that stems from this manager & his coaches. WHATS J.R. STILL HOPING FOR A STRIKE!THIS TEAM HAS BECOME A JOKE!
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