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08-01-2002, 10:19 AM
From the SouthTown:

While right-handed reliever Bob Howry was saying his good-byes to his White Sox teammates in the wake of his having been traded to Boston late Wednesday afternoon, one Sox player walked past an observer and insisted, "This is all there is to play for now."
In his hand was his freshly received paycheck.

The trading of Howry was the fourth move the Sox made over the past week, as they also dumped the salaries of second baseman Ray Durham, catcher Sandy Alomar and center fielder Kenny Lofton.

It also seemed to be the final straw for several veterans who still remain South Siders. The stench of a season lost almost seemed to permeate the clubhouse, even overwhelming the sweet aroma of youthful enthusiasm injected by the arrival of some prospects.

"I've heard guys saying they're excited about the youth and the direction, but what else are they supposed to say?" another player commented. "If you speak your mind, you hear it from upstairs.

"There's what, two months left (in the regular season)? Hopefully, they go by quick."

08-01-2002, 01:40 PM
Maybe if that idiot who made the comment about this is all there is to play for now and then showing his paycheck should have thought about that eralier in the year. It seems this was the only reason most of these veteran players were playing for anyway. Now that there is a fire sale on White Sox players it's everyone elses fault but the players...Jerry Manuels, Kenny Williams, The owners, well what did these players expect when they're 14 games back in August. They played like crap all year...Jose Valentine, Frank Thomas, Keith Foulke, Royce Clayton, Carlos Lee, now when we bring up youger players you hear comments like what was printed in the SouthTown or Royce Clayton making the statement about this is going to be a long year now that Manuels platooning him and Valentine because Joe Crede is brought up to play 3rd base...IN THE WORDS OF ESPN'S Mike & Mike IN THE MORNING "JUST SHUT UP". I for one am looking forward to see some of the young players play after watching and hearing the whining of the underacheiveing veteran players the White Sox have put out on the field all year.

Go White Sox-Some Of You Veteran White Sox Players Just Go!