View Full Version : A sane persons look at 2003

07-30-2002, 03:21 AM
I hate to reiterate on one point in particular, but Joe Borchard is NOWHERE near ready to be a major leaguer, unless we really do want the MLB record for K's in a season. Carlos Lee is still the answer in LF, and this organization isnt gonna give up on him at age 26.
As for DH, I'm with the apparent small minority that you dont get rid of one of baseballs best hitters in history because he has an average season the year after a torn biceps. I'm not sure what everyone keeps seeing in Jeff Leifer, but the guy would be no better that .230 as a full-time DH. With Jimenez/Hummel/Valentin/Clayton or whoever is at short next year, we dont need 2 automatic .250 max hitters, not while playing unprovens at 3 of the 4 infield positions. Yeah, he hit 18 HRs last year, but what do you do when a lefty is pitching for the opposition? Leif is a career .152 vs Lefties, 17 K's in 33 ABs.....that wont cut it.....Russell Branyon-itis. You DON'T trade away a proven hitter for a 28 year old maybe.
As for Royce, forget it...he is as good as gone. If anyone offered KW anything right now, Clayton would be moved. He is a proven cancer in the clubhouse, a "my stats are what matter to me" type of guy. Unfortunately, Jimenez is supposedly as bad. So here is what I propose:

Harris 2B
Valentin SS
Lee LF
Ordonez RF
Konerko 1B
Thomas DH
Rowand CF
Crede 3B
Paul/ MJ C

That leaves a bench of Graffanino, Paul/MJ, 2 others as yet to be determined.

Buehrle SP
Garland SP
??????? SP
Wright SP
Glover/Biddle SP

Of course that means that we either need to pick up another SP, BETTER than Toad Ritchie, or someone wins the job next year in ST. Trading Leifer and Malone/Almonte may result in a "decent" pickup for a #3.


Parque Long Relief
Biddle/Glover Long Relief
Ginter Short Relief
Wunsch Lefty Spec.
Howry/Simas Righty Spec.
Marte Setup Man
Foulke Closer

This Bullpen works as long as Foulke is able to get "it" back, as I think he will. Osuna, he is FA bound. Parque will be back up, mostly because he is a lefty, and actually been looking decent. I was kinda hoping that we could package Lofton and Howry to SF for Livan Hernandez. I think he coulda been a pretty good #3, but cest la vie I guess. I leave Howry as a ? because we still might see him moved, and Simas would be a great story, and a good clubhouse guy. Lord knows, we need some chemistry on this team.

This would be a pretty solid team I think, small(er) payroll than 2002, and only 2 rooks in the Lineup. Marte has been REAL solid, and lets face it; none of the guys we got in trades this year are gonna make an impact soon, Malone should be trade bait IMO, he is very erradic with control. Rauch may be ready by SP, but rushing him once hurt us, lets not do it again. There really isnt anyone else ready to contribute. The darkhorse could be Royce Ring. He isnt gonna be in the minors long, due to both his talent and his age.

Lets do it the right way this time around with the kids. Just the right mix of veterans and youth, ala Oakland, and the Central can be ours again soon. I for one, think that talk with Jim Palmer really helped Glover and Wright, and Coop should be the pitching coach next year, as long as he wants to be. The rest of the coaching staff should be given one more run with this youth, 'cept maybe Pettis.