View Full Version : Help me draft letter to Keith Law about RBIs

09-03-2012, 09:52 PM
I know this is futile and most of you could give two ****s about Keith Law and ESPN, but I need your help!!!, regardless of your opinion.

Please help me add and edit, so that I may get this letter read on the ESPN Baseball Today podcast!

Here goes...

""Keith Law. You are a puffball.

Scouting does not predict the -Best of Year-awards.

Your projections may be very good, but I have received few dividends. You may think it's your shtick to stir the drink on the baseball podcast, but you should be more concerned about retaining some credibility in the world of statistical analysis?

The concept-driven models of baseball statistics we love and use leave much to be explained, and yet you grandstand as if we have solved the game!

Shame on you! You need to acknowledge the false ridge you are trumpeting from!

There is a lot of unexplained variance in baseball !!!. And yet you ignore this and call it "luck" or "chance". That is not statistically correct. You are producing a false narrative just as much as the people who attribute winning records to "RBI producers".

I have news for you, RBI's predict past performance.

Unfortunately for you, scouts need to predict future performance.

Whereas voters for seasonal awards need to judge the past seasons performance.

Shame on you again Keith Law for mixing these two important jobs!

Please acknowledge your categorical error and stop pretending that you are a statistician.""

09-03-2012, 09:54 PM
The double-quoted part is what I want to email the "Baseball Today" show.