View Full Version : How to get over .500 (sorry - long)

08-08-2001, 04:25 PM
Tonight Buehrle goes and he always gives us a chance for a win every time he takes the bump. So winning tonight and tommorrow wins us the series in Anaheim, and provided momentum going into Seattle.

Some thoughts for you my friend:

1. Set the lineup, and make it consistent. This is the same problem we had at the beginning of the season. Put the best offensive unit in the field and stick with it. The team will begin to execute if they stick with a set lineup.

2. Gary Ward: Make yourself useful and tell the lineup to be patient, and always look to make good contact. Manos' at-bat last night with the base full is a prime example of what not to do. He was looking to pull the ball out of the ball park instead of just trying to make good contact and keep the line moving. The home runs will come if you concentrate on making good contact first. You'll also begin to get some timely hits as well. The Red Sox gave Kip a clinic on good contact hitting.

3. How about some fundamental baseball once in a while? Sacrifices, Squeezes, etc.

4. Stop using Biddle. Daver is right - he is hurt. His fastball topped out at 91 yesterday and his sore shoulder is stopping his release point short so he isn't getting the ball down with any velocity.

5. Stop coaching Kip. It's not helping. He pitched terrible last season when Nardi changed his focus on the strike zone, he's pitching terrible now because Nardi is telling him to throw pitches faster. Tell him to do whatever he was doing when his ERA was 2.30. Get him the game tapes and leave him alone.

6. Never pitch Embree unless he has a sizable lead to work with. Better yet, never pitch Embree unless you are completely out of the game. Better still, never pitch Embree.

7. Foulke is your closer, don't use him if the game is tied.

8. Liefer is a bat, not a glove. He is a liability in the field.

9. Pitchers: 0-2 is not an invitation to deliver a center cut pitch of any type. It is there to set up the 1-2 for your strikeout or pitcher's pitch.

10. Start winning games, instead of losing them. Make the other team beat you, instead of giving the game to them.

11. Jerry - put down your Gandhi books, and kick some life into this team! Your silence is self-defeating.

Anything I missed fellow Armchair Sox Managers?

Guzman and Radke are out in Twinkieland until September, the Indians are in hellish August. This can be done. It's only 7.5. But only if the Sox get their ***** together.

Fisk Fan
08-08-2001, 04:43 PM
I was wondering how many bases we have stolen since the All-Star break. I think we need to run the bases more aggressively. Take some chances and try to light a fire under some of these guys. We could have made up some serious ground when the Twinkies went on their losing skid. The Indians have remained somewhat constant.

The bottom line is that we could be right in the middle of this race, but we have not done the little things to win ball games....like hit the ball. We made Anaheim look like a playoff team yesterday. They're not!

Someone needs to take charge and will this team to win, just like Michael Jordan used to do.

Joel Perez
08-08-2001, 04:57 PM
Great post! You should've posted this in the "7.5" thread as well...it fits in well.

08-08-2001, 05:07 PM
All this optimism makes me want to lace up the cleats kick some Twink/Toon ass!