View Full Version : Future Pitching Rotation

07-27-2002, 01:04 PM
I am a diehard fan who is starting to get excited about our future. After all we have some position players in Harris, Crede, and Borchard (who has struggled lately) who make the future seem bright, but i still worry because I cant figure out who will pitch for us. After Beuhrle, and with Fogg and Wells gone, I dont know who could step in next year and get the job done. I believe Garland can get the job done, but then who? I dont believe Danny Wright, Rocky Biddle, or Gary Glover will be anything more than mediocre. And Mediocre will not get us in the playoffs. (I am not even thinking about a world series appearance. Rauch seems to continually struggle (will he ever get it together) So I am asking for someone to give me some hope, who can come up from AAA or do we have now that can step up and pitch for us. If we dont have an answer, we might be taking ***** from cubs fans for years, because they have some excellent young pitching.

07-27-2002, 01:17 PM
it's been said that danny wright has the best stuff outta all the guys mentioned (including garland and buehrle). he's just really wild.. and that doesnt really help us too much. i still think he is going to develop to be a legit #3-4 starter on a championship ballclub. possibly even better.

by the way... i think you have one * too many. :)