View Full Version : Baseball Prospectus Slams KW

07-27-2002, 01:57 AM

both 6-4-3 and the Daily Prospectus talk about the Durham deal and both slam KW. At least we're not the only ones who realize this.

07-27-2002, 02:08 AM
You only beat me to this by a couple of minutes. I couldn't get in here last night, because for some reason I could'nt log on to my ISP (yeah, I know my absence was painful for you folks.)

Before I came here, I wanted to see what BP had to say, and they rightfully ripped this trade. I had expected Ray to go before the trade deadline, but that's because I thought he had the most value of the people I figured were on the block. If a 24 year old minor league pitcher with a WHIP of 1.8 is what Williams could get for the guy with the most value, what can we expect him to get for Valentin, Clayton, or Lee?

I've never commented on Williams, one way or the other, on this board. Now I'm saying it's time for him to go. I've been pissed about the Ritchie trade, but since I didn't say so at the time, I figured it's too easy to say so after the trade has proved to be a complete loser, so I didn't say anything after the fact.

This, however, is just plain awful. Ray is hitting .299, OBP of .390, 20 stolen bases, and he can't get any more from someone locked in a pennant race? The other GM's must get together over scotch and cigars and just laugh themselves silly about KW.

Did I mention that I'm not happy about this?