View Full Version : What is the worst case scenario?

07-26-2002, 09:35 AM
Now that Ray is traded, what is the worst possible scenario imaginable?

07-26-2002, 09:51 AM
I'm kinda torn between the last three. If the Sox all of a sudden go on a hot streak and take over first place, I will be happy. Even if the strike happens, I will at least have something to look forward to next year.

If the A's win the WS, good for Ray. He deserves it. God knows he'd never experience that here.

Yanks win the WS, what else is new?

Cubs win the WS? Life as we know it would cease to exist.

Twins win the WS? It would be hard to swallow but it's better than seeing the Yanks or Cubs.

Thomas, Clayton and Konerko traded for prospects? Uh...
How bout them Cardinals?

07-26-2002, 10:38 AM
Why is having Ray Durham win a World Series a bad thing? He put up great numbers for the Sox. If there are playoffs this year, I'll be rooting for the A's (if the Sox don't make it).

07-26-2002, 10:52 AM
I say the last one is the worst because, imo, it is also the most likely of any of those to happen. :(:

07-26-2002, 10:59 AM
I've got nothing against Ray and come playoff time (if there are playoffs) and I got to root for someone I'll go with the A's because of the Ray connection.

Normally I wouldn't root for a divisional foe to win the WS but this year is different just because I'd love to see Minnesota stick it to Bud & the other owners wanting to contract them on top of that there is a little justification (very little but some none the less) being able to say the Sox got beat out in the division by the WS champs.

But if the Cubs win the WS we as sox fans will have to hear about it until the day we die or the Sox win a WS. And based on current manegment and ownership, death looks closer than a WS Champion.

07-26-2002, 12:44 PM
well i know its bound to happen but its the Yankees winning the world series