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07-26-2002, 01:51 AM
OK, this has gotten down to the heart of me. That dumba$$ Jerry Reinsdorf has NO idea of how to run a professional franchise, as evidenced by his hiring of a rookie GM over Dan Evans, who then quit the Sox and became the GM of the Dodgers. Whats the Dodgers record again??? Reinsdorf makes all his personel moves based strictly on $$$. He will not sign ANY pitcher long term, because "they might get injured", he single-handedly started the infamous 1994 impasse in baseball, the same year that HIS own team was in 1st, with the best record in baseball. No one goes to Comiskey BECAUSE he is the owner, a well known fact in Chicago, yet he says he won't make any big moves because attendance is not good.....HELLO???? Care to guess why, Jerry???
Now add to that, that we have a GM in WAY over his head, who keeps amazing everyone with how much worse each successive personel move he makes is. Quick history here for those not in the know: last year, he traded James Balwin to LA for a minor league pitcher we have since RELEASED, and a journeyman outfielder named Jon Barry. The funny thing is, our GM thought he was gettin Jon Berry, a promising AAA pitcher. When informed he messed up, he just said, "We'll still honor the deal, I misunderstood." Then, he trades 3 promising pitchers, 1 a mainstay in the Sox bullpen, to the Pirates for a 30 year old "veteran" who was about to be put on WAIVERS!!! Lets see, the 3 guys he traded, have combined to win 24 out of teh 47 that Pitt has won. One of which was in the starting rotation of the Sox last year, struggled, went to Pitt and immediately became what all us Sox fans knew he could be. Oh, and 2 of the guys were under 25 years old. Thats ok, though, because in return we got a 5-14 pitcher with a 6.12 ERA!!! So far, thats paying $706,666.67 per win he has given us. Pretty good deal there.
Now, this jacka$$ GM of ours gives up on our hottest hitter, and an original Sox since 1995. He is quite possibly the next best 2nd Baseman in the A.L., and in exchange for a guy that went on record as saying he wanted to retire in Chicago, we get a guy named Jon Adkins, who was 7-6 with a 6.03 ERA. Guess we needed another Todd Ritchie in training. Ray was said to be willing to give the Sox a hometown discount, and only wanted a raise of $1,700,000 per year for 3 years. Of course, that was WAYYYYYY to much money to pay an All-Star 2nd baseman, least thats what our fantastic owner thought.
I am more than a little pissed off right now, and am genuinely afraid of reading about the next bonehead move this waste of space owner and GM tandem make. Maybe we can send Paul Konerko and Magglio Ordonez to Anaheim for the rights to the Rally Monkey??? Maybe send Mark Buehrle to Philadelphia for the booking rights to the Phillie Phanatic???
Sickening, to have as much talent as we have, and to have this Pole Smoke running the team.....whining about how we don't draw enough fan support to pay for a championship caliber team. Bull*****!!! What we dont have is an owner who cares more about winning, than making his real estate pals happy with their bottom line on their MLB investment.
And so everyday I beg, that someone with a genuine interest in winning baseball games decided to buy out good ole JR and his cronnies, and lifts this organization back to the level it deserves to be at in the 3rd biggest market in the US.
I've been a White Sox fan as long as I can remember being a baseball fan. I make it a point to see EVERY game on the schedule, even buying a satelite originally for this reason. I plan my sleep around watching this team everyday. When they arent on TV, I follow along on the internet with every pitch. I've driven to Sarasota just to watch Spring Training, and to Chicago for a 3 game series, 11+ hours each way. I feel betrayed by a disinterested owner and his pals, doing whatever it takes to make a buck.
Couldn't I just quit watching if I was so sick of this you ask? No, because I am a fan of this team, win or lose, and am bound by my allegiance to the Chicago White Sox to support the guys on the field. It isnt as easy as you may think just to drop a team you've watched for 12 years, because of shoddy ownership. I only wish it was, because if so, I'd be getting alot more done in life. Disappointment and rebuilding are 2 words that all us White Sox fans know all too well, I'm afraid.

07-26-2002, 01:56 AM
Wow, that was one heck of a rant! I agree with everything you said though. Even though many times throughout the season Ive said "trade ray" over his past 26 games, he's been hitting .386 along with 26 runs scored. We should have got more than a crappy minor league pitcher for Ray-Ray. I'm gonna miss him.