View Full Version : Alexei Ramirez gets his 2004 Athens Olympic Gold Medal

06-08-2012, 05:16 PM
Chicago White Sox
When Alexei Ramirez left Cuba for the United States, he discovered that his Gold Medal from the 2004 Athens Olympics had been lost...

Moments ago, Jose Contreras and Jerry Reinsdorf presented Alexei Ramirez with a replacement Gold Medal.

Chris Rongey
Alexei's gold medal. As you'd expect, he cried when Contreras gave it to him. Cool moment.

Scott Merkin
It was amazing to see Alexei get his gold medal replacement in person and his emotional reaction. Kudos to the White Sox organization

twitpic (http://twitpic.com/9u95rv)

06-08-2012, 05:24 PM
They showed this scene on Intentional Talk on MLBNetwork. Very cool.
Congrats to Alexei,and kudos to Jose.

06-08-2012, 05:43 PM
Awesome. Congrats Alexei! Now bring us a world series ring

06-08-2012, 06:02 PM
Anyone have a link?

06-08-2012, 07:06 PM
This is awesome. Kudos to the Sox.

06-08-2012, 07:11 PM
Anyone have a link?

This link/story is from March.


EDIT: Video

06-08-2012, 10:23 PM
Wow, that's just a super nice gesture by the Sox.

As much abuse as Jerry gets, he really takes care of our guys.

06-09-2012, 03:32 PM
Great story. I can only imagine what was going through Alexei's mind at that moment.