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07-24-2002, 02:09 PM
i saw this on BA and want to post it if ok.

Adam Dunn and Joe Borchard
Dunn and Borchard could have opposed each other as quarterbacks in Texasí 69-17 demolition of Stanford in September 1999, but Dunn committed full-time to baseball that spring. Borchard followed him a year later, and they were U.S. teammates in the 2001 Futures Game. Dunn reached the majors shortly thereafter, while Borchard currently is in Triple-A trying to tighten his strike zone, one of Dunnís greatest strengths. Few players can exceed their raw power.
Borchard On Dunn: "Heís a great player. He has a tremendous amount of tools and a really bright future. I could see how people could see similarities, but heís produced a lot more than me and heís doing it in the big leagues. Iím trying to develop plate discipline, and he has it already. Iím chasing a lot of bad pitches and striking out. Thatís certainly something Iíd like to have. It certainly would help my game."