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04-18-2012, 01:11 PM
Who was the last Sox pitcher to get 2 wins in 1 day? Was it Ted Lyons?

04-18-2012, 01:11 PM
Tom Seaver, of course.

04-18-2012, 02:12 PM
Who was the last Sox pitcher to get 2 wins in 1 day? Was it Ted Lyons?

Didn't Wilbur Wood start both games of a double-header once? I don't remember if he won them both however.

04-18-2012, 02:28 PM
Didn't Wilbur Wood start both games of a double-header once? I don't remember if he won them both however.

I know he pitched in 2 games but I believe the other poster is correct about Tom Seaver getting 2 wins in 1 day. I believe Ted Lyons got 2 wins in 1 day too.

04-18-2012, 02:43 PM
May 9th, 1984 Seaver, in relief, pitched the 25th inning of a suspended game and won, he then started and won the regularly sched. game.

Lip Man 1
04-18-2012, 03:16 PM
Two wins (or losses) in one day that I've found with a quick search of my This Date In Sox History feature:

May 9, 1984- Harold Baines ends the longest game, inning-wise, in American League history blasting a home run in the 25th inning to give the Sox a 7-6 win over Milwaukee. The 8:06 length of the game set a Major League record. Tom Seaver got the win in relief in the marathon contest which started on May 8th and was suspended, then came back and won the regularly scheduled game later that same evening when the Sox won 5-4. For the night Seaver threw 9 1/3rd innings allowing only four hits!

May 28, 1973 - A night Wilbur Wood will never forget. Two days earlier the game between Cleveland and the White Sox was suspended by curfew at Comiskey Park tied at two after 16 innings. Rain washed out action on the 27th so when the suspended game was resumed on the 28th, it was Wood’s turn to pitch. He went out and threw five innings before the Sox would win it 6-3 in 21 innings.

30 minutes later Wood went out and started the regularly scheduled game. He would toss a complete game, four hitter, winning 4-0. Two wins in one evening! His line for the night, 14 innings pitched, one run, six hits, nine strikeouts, two wins. Wilbur was now 13-3 on the season and it wasn’t even June 1st!

June 24, 1969- In the second game of a double header in Seattle, Sox 3rd baseman Bill Melton slugged three home runs in the 7-6 win. All are solo blasts. The Sox take the first game as well winning 6-4 with relief pitcher Wilbur Wood picking up wins in both games!

July 1, 1905 - Sox pitcher Frank Owen wins both games of a double header at St. Louis. The scores are 3-2 and 2-0. In both games he goes the distance and only allows the Browns seven total hits for the afternoon. He is one of only 10 pitchers in baseball history to accomplish this feat. (i.e. two complete game shutout wins in a single day)

July 9, 1919 - In a twin bill in Chicago against the Philadelphia Athletics, Urban “Red” Faber wins both games. The first one comes in relief of starter Dickie Kerr. The scores are 8-7 and 6-2.

July 20, 1973 - Wilbur Wood starts both regularly scheduled games in New York. He becomes the first pitcher to do this in decades. Unfortunately he gets beat around twice, losing both decisions 12-2 and 7-0. Earlier in the season he started the suspended game and a regularly scheduled game in Chicago beating Cleveland twice.

September 26, 1905 - In a double header at Boston, Sox pitcher “Big” Ed Walsh relieves starter Guy “Doc” White in the first inning of the first game and gets the win 10-5. He then starts and wins the nightcap game 3-1. White didn’t retire a batter so Walsh got credit for a pair of complete games.

September 29, 1908 - Sox starting pitcher Ed Walsh fires two complete games in a double header against the Red Sox. He wins both by the scores of 5-1 and 2-0. That season Walsh would have arguable the greatest pitching year in the history of the game, winning 40 times with an ERA of 1.42.


04-18-2012, 04:02 PM
from Wikipedia: Lyons broke into the major leagues in 1923 after playing his collegiate baseball at Baylor University. He joined the White Sox on a road trip and never pitched a day in the minors. He recorded his first 2 wins as a relief pitcher in a doubleheader on October 6, 1923, making him one of the first pitchers to perform the feat.