View Full Version : Neal Cotts now in major league camp

03-06-2012, 02:13 PM
Here's hoping for the best for one of our 2005 heroes, trying to catch on in Texas.


03-07-2012, 10:15 AM

03-07-2012, 11:52 AM
Good to hear that he's back. :cool: Stay healthy, Neal.

03-07-2012, 01:07 PM
A quick Neil Cotts story, my son and I went to the Sept 2006 series against the BoSox at Fenway and we stayed at the Copley where the White Sox stay. One morning we were going down the hotel elevator and a drop dead 11+ supermodel gets on the elevator with a guy. I try not to stare because she is mesmerizing.. when we get off the evelator my son is so excited - "Dad did you see that! We were on the elevator with Neil Cotts!" I never even noticed him....

When you stay at a players hotel and you see the players with their wives or girlfriends you remember ONE of the reasons why it is so great to be a major league ballpayer. We also saw Jon Garland with is girlfriend (no slouch either) but at least that time I was aware enough to recognize him!

03-07-2012, 01:45 PM
Best of Luck to Neal, I just hope he's a little rusty at the beginning of the season.:smile:

03-07-2012, 07:15 PM
I went to ISU at the same time he did, ate dinners with the baseball team (our RA was the physical trainer at the time), and saw him pitch several times. I knew that what I was seeing was going to mold into major league material. I'm glad he's getting another shot at it and wish him the best as long as he's not tossing against our Sox.

03-09-2012, 05:24 AM
I totally forgot to mention this. My sister and brother-in-law were in a bar with him about 3-4 weeks ago downtown. She called me on the phone and I asked her to see if he was still playing. Glad to see he's trying a comeback. They said he was a really nice guy and was kind enough to take a picture with my brother-in-law. He even joked and said he liked the Cubs way better than the Sox when he found out I was a Sox fan. Wish I would have gone out with them that night. Damn work kept me too late...