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07-21-2002, 10:51 AM
I'm reading all of the different posts and seeing some people backing Manuel & his coaching staff , other posts ripping Williams .I think that whether you are a Jerry Manuel backer , or you blame his coaches or Williams is the problem , myself as a White Sox fan you have to see that this team if it has all this talent like all the baseball experts said before the season started , then this team needs a whole new staff , manager & coaches. Manuel in my opinion can not get through to this team no matter what he does and some things I see are stupid. Changing the lineup almost everyday since the start of the season, keeping Frank in the #3 spot until just recently and as of last night Frank back in that spot striking out or hitting weak fly balls. Our coaches must lead the league in getting baserunners thrown out or picked off what are Pettis and Johnson doing. As far as Nardi he's never been a very good pitching coach if he was I think he'd still be coaching for Seattle or the Yankees both of those teams fired him and they're pitching staffs are way above our's. Our G.M. is still learning the buisness while J.R. watches him destroy not only the major league team but a top 10 ranked minor league system. The saddest part is we will have to go with this manager & his coaches for the remainder of this season(manuel should have been let go before or during the all-star break)but if you listen to Williams Manuel job is his as long as he wants it we might be able to get a new pitching coach and 1st base coach but according to what I've been reading Manuel will keep his buddy wavin wally , who has to be one of the only 3rd base coaches to get this many runners thrown out as he did last week when Thomas runs on a one hop line drive to the K.C. s.s. and he out at the plate by 10 feet on that play should'nt Johnson be telling Thomas that if the ball is hit to the left side he's got to make sure it gos through and if ball is hit to the right he's going, yeah I know Thomas should know this little league stuff but after the way our team has been running the bases this year Wavin wally should be screaming this fundamental stuff to them everytime one of the Sox reach 3rd. It's just a sad , sad season that started out very good. from what i've been reading we won't even be able to get rid of some of these veteran players who are going to want big money to re-sign and god forbid Williams starts trading the few minor league prospects are team has left especially after some of the bonehead trades he's made already. And during all of this bad , terrible baseball has anyone heard anything from the owner of this team hmmmmm... maybe he knows something more about a strike and he knows this season is done after Aug.31st. THE WAY WE'VE PLAYED AFTER THE ALL-STAR BREAK LETS HOPE SO ,OTHERWISE CAN WE SEE SOME OF OUR MINOR LEAGUE PROSPECT UP IN THE BIGGS SO IF THEY'RE REALLY AS GOOD AS EVERYONE SAYS THEY ARE WE AS WHITE SOX FANS HAVE SOMETHING TO HOPE FOR NEXT SEASON PLEASE MR. WILLIAMS!

07-21-2002, 11:06 AM
My problem with that is very simple------KW has let this team down with his deals this year---whatever else he does hes the one who brought Richie over here for 3 good arms---now I admit--I wasnt sold on Kip Wells-----we shall see what he does next season---but Fogg and Lowe wouldve been too much by themselves.. The worst thing that happened to this club was winning the division in 2000