View Full Version : A very important 17 days

07-14-2002, 03:51 PM
It's 17 days until the July 31st trade deadline and these next 17 days will decide the not too distant future of the Sox. 2003 seems to be the year the young guys will have much more to do with the Sox. Ken Williams has a bunch of crucial decisions to make and it won't be easy for him to do it right. He's going to have to make a few trades and he has to do them all right. Also he may have to shut out someone that's on the brink of moving up to the Sox right now.

Bringing in Jiminez was a nice stepping stone to these trades. He has something there at SS if he plans on dealing Clayton. While I won't suggest who Williams should trade, where he should trade them, and what he should get in return, I will state the current position of the players in question right now.

The young players:
Rowand-He is unlikely to get in the starting lineup at this point and even 2003 isn't looking good for him. A lot of things have to fall in to place that Williams doesn't have control of. Such as teams wanting players and offering the right price.

Borchard-He is probably going to at least join the Sox next year. Pending a strike, he will probably come up with the Sox when the rosters expand to 40. Odds are for him being able to start in 2003, but it's not a guarantee.

Harris-He has a good chance of being a starter next year. Williams doesn't even have to make a trade. Durham may leave via free agency and the job is all his.

Jiminez-I hope Williams has something in mind here. Otherwise Jiminez is going to be in AAA where he doesn't belong. I think Williams has something in mind either by the trade deadline or in the offseason.

Crede-Valentin needs to be traded for him to join the Sox. As for playing time...not good.

Liefer-Either him or Lee will be gone by the deadline, my pick.

The vets on the block(possibly):
Lofton-I hope they keep Lofton. He may want to be traded, and in that case we should trade him. I just hope Williams doesn't get trade happy and trades too much talent away.

Lee-Either him or Liefer will be gone by the deadline.

Durham-He is a free agent after the year and I think he is likely to leave the team via free agency or trade. In that case say hello to Willie Harris.

Clayton-I think Williams has something in mind here with the Jiminez deal, it's just a matter of when that something happens.

Valentin-Most likely to stay among these players. If Thomas goes, he will probably see more time at DH. Liefer would probably get some time there too, if he stays.

Thomas-I really hope the Sox keep him. It will be hard to get value in return for him. Right now all they can get is pitching otherwise they continue to have a log jam in hitting.

Overall Williams has a lot of tough decisions ahead of him. Let's hope he doesn't trade the wrong guys.