View Full Version : Cubs interested in dumping several players?

07-21-2011, 07:05 PM
Looks like several people will be put on the block, biggest name being Soriano.

I wonder how much of the $60+ million he has left that they'll eat:


I'm not sure the definition of "much", but I would take that to be at least 50%. That must mean they would expect a good prospect or two to eat that much because I don't know what they would get if they spent what they're saving on his replacement.

I don't see why Ramirez won't move unless he is going to take a huge paycut for the future to stay in Chicago. He gets a $1 million bonus if traded, and I don't know how many people would turn down that much to spend 2-3 months elsewhere. He certainly doesn't "need" the money, but $1 million on top of his regular salary for playing elsewhere for 2-3 months isn't a lot. He could still come back to the Cubs next year if he wanted as well and also get a ring out of it. I know his club option becomes guaranteed in 2012 if he's traded (because the other qualifier was that he exercise his 2011 option), but I don't think he "has" to take that option.