View Full Version : One more thought on the offense

07-07-2011, 06:22 AM
Over the last 5-6 series the Sox haven't scored many runs at all, which is quite obvious. Against the Royals they scored a resounding 9 runs. 10 against the Cubs, like 9 against the Nationals.

If the Sox go into this Twins series and only score 13-14 runs total and KW doesn't make a change going into All Star Break he should be fired.

I don't care if the Sox sweep the Twins due to 4 shutouts in a row or if the Sox lose every game to the Twins 10-3. This offense is absolutely horrible. For KW to not make a change after 92 games means he is an incompetent fool.

His track record of finding talent is coming apart at the seams. His 3 high priced moved have all back fired to date. I don't care if he calls up Viciedo to play 3B and sends down Morel or if he releases Pierre or if he fires Walter or Guillen or if makes a trade for a bat. Doesn't matter to me what he does, but do something!!!!

The reality is were probably in for a very painful weekend and could be a 4th place team going into ASB. Let's not forget what the Sox biggest weakness has been all year and also not forget how KW failed to address the issue.

He is in charge of player personnel isn't he?