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05-21-2011, 02:54 PM
Friday afternoon, my boss came through with scout seats that were given to him that he couldn't use. I was asked if I wanted to go with some of my other co-workers and I jumped at the opportunity.

Having never sat in the scout seats before, I didn't know what to expect.

Although the Sox lost, for the most part, the scout seat experience was amazing.

The view is awesome, the seats are comfortable and there is ample legroom, which is cool because I'm 6-4 and a "husky" guy.

The lounge with all the Sox memorabilia is very cool and the food is really good. I also liked the fact that waitstaff brought pops and hot chocolate to my seat during the game.

The only negative is that it seems that some of the people in the scout seats have no intention of watching the game. People got up and moved around between pitches instead of waiting for a half-inning or at least a new batter.

Then there were the two twenty-something couples seated behind me who came up with such conversational gems as "I flunked out of a bunch of colleges", "I touched Lenny Kravitz's thigh" and "Where is the smoke coming from?" as the fog was rolling in.

In all, the experience was amazing, even though the Sox lost. At one point, I asked one of my co-workers if he would ever get tired of sitting in the scout seats for 81 games and he laughed and said 'No.'

Just wanted to get some feedback from other Sox fans who normally don't get the opportunity to sit in the scout seats.

05-21-2011, 03:27 PM
Ode and I sat in the A's equivalent seats when the Sox were in town. They were pricey as all get out, but having a waiter bringing you food and drinks all game was cool. I gave my beer tickets to the nice young couple beside me who enjoyed one more round than their seats came with. In general it was very cool, but I've never been a fan of watching the game through the screen. I used to get box seats a few sections to the first or third base side at UCSF because I hated sitting behind the mesh.

Other than that and the fact the Sox lost the game we went to it was a great experience, but I wouldn't spring for season tickets there as all the free food in the world isn't worth 16K a year to watch baseball...

05-21-2011, 06:27 PM
Sat there once. Pretty incredible experience.

Only downside was that it just so happened that Buerhle pitched, so we were only there for 2 hours.