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07-08-2002, 09:45 AM
I'm not enamored of Frank's showing up late to the game this weekend, but I think his behavior pales in comparison to Sham-ME missing 3 regular season games for his wife's minor surgery that is happening TODAY, while making sure he gets back to Milwaukee tonight for the all-important home run hitting contest.

IMO, Sosa is telling his teammates that he could care less about this season, and that it's all about Sham-ME (making sure he gets to bask in the orgy of attention sure to be loaded on him tonight). Yes, surgery for anyone is a big deal, but did he really have to miss *3* regular season games? And did he really have to zip out of there to make it for a meaningless HR contest?

I can't find ONE STORY about Sosa's absence on Vineline, I mean chicagosports.com. Meanwhile, there are columnists a-plenty bashing Frank, polls about Frank being traded, etc.

SHEESH. Talk about one-sided!

07-08-2002, 09:49 AM
Originally posted by cheeses_h_rice
SHEESH. Talk about one-sided!

Just wanted to share this, most of the column is about Frank.

From Mike Imrem's column: (http://www.dailyherald.com/sports/col_imrem.asp)

Let's face it, a double standard does prevail for players who are or have been superstars. Most are allowed to operate according to their own clocks and calendars.

Take Sammy Sosa. A week ago Sunday he was a bit slow coming out of the shower on a day the Cubs had to catch a flight to Florida.

Someone mentioned the bus to the airport would leave without him. Sosa smiled that big smile of his and responded to the effect, "No, no, it isn't going anyplace without me."

Even if Sosa were right, which he probably was, he didn't have to let his teammates know it just then. The Cubs were double digits under .500, all but out of the division race and about to get their manager fired. It was no time to play big foot in the clubhouse.

07-08-2002, 12:00 PM
Frank could run into a building that was set on fire by SamMe and save 6 invalid old women, and SamMe would be taking credit by saying that if he hadn't set the fire, Frank would have no one to save. Then go on to say that Frank is following in his footsteps again. Naturally, the press would buy every word and make Frank into the bad guy.

07-08-2002, 12:28 PM
what bothers me is franks attitude ......he is an icon on this team, teammates look up to him (or used to anyhow not so sure now),his no show on friday and then late on saturday and pouting, tardiness on sunday are not very sportsman like.....follow that up with the "i'm no cheerleader" comment and a few other comments he has made this weekend and it just states loud and clear to everyone that he is special and deserves better treatment than the others on the team......
hey frank last time i took english they didnt teach us that the word T E A M had an I in it....when hes on the clock he should be treated just as well as everyone else whos punched in......his attitude is along the same lines of that for which we bash shamme soso endlessly .......in case frank hasnt noticed yet, there are quite a few superstars on our team, and a few up and coming.......he can be easliy replaced.....
suggestion frank, when you punch in the timeclock leave the childish attitude at home, put on your game hat and set a good example on the team which you helped climb out of the cellar and push to the front of the pack over the past decade that everyone else can follow......