View Full Version : Hopefully Torre can improve the umpiring

05-04-2011, 01:45 PM
Now that Joe Torre has been appointed by the commissioner to a high-ranking position, hopefully he can use his experiences as a field manager to make an improvement in the sorry, arrogant umpiring we keep seeing in MLB.

In just the past few games alone, we have seen awful stuff from these guys; imagine how it must be when you expand it to all games being played.

On Sunday, the 3rd strike that was called on Rios was unbelievable, last night the ump was way out of position on Morneau's "tag" on Beckham, and now today, the third base ump won't even take a look at the area where the ball got caught in the gutter down the line. The attitude of these guys seems to be back where it was before the last "correction" when several umps were let go. I think we need another thinning of the herd and hopefully Torre will make those changes.