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07-06-2002, 12:19 AM
I'm writing this post in responce to the recent Yankee Weaver Trade. Seeing as Reisndorf doesn't give a **** about this team or it's fans and refuses to put any heart in this unless we show up, which causes the ultimate Catch 22 because the fans ain't gonna show up unless a owner puts some heart and money into this team. Sorry Jerry, but the fans win, this game is for the fans first and foremost. It's mot that hard to figure out. Put some money and good players on this team and I guarantee that the fans will show up, if they don't after that: Fire Sale, Fire Sale, Fire Sale.

Anyway to the point of this post, I'm so fed up with the team and management that I was thinking, if there were no strike threat and everythink was the same i.e Yankees still spending cash etc etc etc. Could you just up and Stop watching the White Sox? Some times I wish I just could. But it's really hard not to at least look at the bottom line on ESPN, or see some scores while on-line and if they start playing good ball watching a couple of games than they pull of a game like the last 3 games.

Could you Cut off All ties from the White Sox in everyway?????

I really don't know.

07-06-2002, 02:25 AM
Just about sums up the feelings of everybody here.

07-06-2002, 02:29 AM
Hit "POST" too soon. I couldn't cut off all ties. I grew up a Sox fan and will die a Sox fan. Even if Reinsdork owns them, and Lenny trades away the prospects for a dead horse, they're still my team. Just really shocked that the only team in MLB showing any drive is the NY Yankees. God I wish I was born in NY. Wait..... let me think about that a little bit longer.....

07-06-2002, 06:28 AM
Originally posted by CubKilla
Just about sums up the feelings of everybody here.

I've been screaming about this for the last 7 years!!
It's time for "Uncle Jerry" to sell the team to an ownership that really cares about a championship in Chicago.The fact the Yankmees got Jeff Weaver (you knew they would) makes me sick to my damn stomach.Why can't "The South Side Baseball Club" make such an effort?? Oh,I know.The attendance sucks.But that's a lousy excuse.As a Sox fan of 32 years,i've seen some good,a lot of bad,and plenty of ugly from this club.Why do I keep coming back??Why am I a weekend season ticket holder??I know what's going to happen every year.The Sox are going to tease their fans before tanking it again.83 victories is considered a success in the eyes of some.Not me!!Oh yeah,they're now 7 1/2 games out.Those 15 games against the Twinkies mean nothing now.Thanks for nothing,Reinsdork!!