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02-22-2011, 07:03 PM
To the mods

I asked the Boston Globe how I could share an old article on ProQuest and they replied simply save it as a word file and keep everything intact and they said that is fine as I can e-mail the article as well.

Here are 5 articles, 3 by Bob Ryan and 2 by Leigh Montville that will show that they tried to understand what South Side baseball was about.

The first was Bob Ryan saying goodbye to Comiskey on Boston's last visit in 1990.

The second was written in 1985 when he gushed how lucky Chicago was to have TWO classic ballparks. Veeck was still alive and his quoted including HIS surprise that the area around Comiskey wasn't that bad and that is why he painted the walls white in 1976.

The third was an introduction to the series he did on classic parks and has quotes from Veeck and EE.

The last 2 were by Leigh Montville who arrived at Game 3 of the 1983 ALCS expecting a super excited crowd and and gushed about old Comiskey - but he was bothered by something he saw that day and in March of 1984 he wrote about it.

The 1984 column was written the day NESN was born and and he wasn't happy about it and what he saw at Comiskey the previous October was part of the reason why.

I hope you enjoy these articles of writers who came into Chicago trying to teach the readers back in New England what Chicago was all about. I think they nailed it.

Just hit OK when word opens the document and it will open