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02-12-2011, 02:45 AM
While posting in another thread I happened to notice that 14 of 30 MLB teams won pennants in the years from 2001-2010, so I decided to play around with creating new divisions (purely for fun, because I'm one of those people) based who had the most success in the last ten years. I was conveniently able to split them into one league consisting of teams that didn't win a pennant, and one league consisting of teams that did. I was pleasantly surprised to see that when I did this, I was still able to make geographical divisions, only having to move one team to a different geographical division than they actually occupy.

Once I had them in divisions, I had to decide how to put them in order. Here are the criteria I used, in order of precedence:

1. World Series titles
2. Pennants
3. LCS appearances
4. Playoff appearances
5. Division titles
6. Average divisional placement over all 10 years

In light of that, here is the alignment (I had some fun with the names too):

Yogi Berra League (Pennant Winners)
1. Red Sox
2. Yankees
3. Phillies
4. Marlins
5. Rays
1. Cardinals
2. White Sox
3. Astros
4. Tigers
1. Giants
2. Angels
3. Diamondbacks
4. Rockies
5. Rangers
Rafael Palmeiro League (Non-Pennant Winners)
1. Braves
2. Mets
3. Blue Jays
4. Orioles
5. Expos/Nationals
1. Twins
2. Cubs
3. Indians
4. Reds
5. Brewers
6. Pirates
1. Dodgers
2. A's
3. Mariners
4. Padres
5. Royals

I moved the Royals to the Palmeiro League West so that the Central wouldn't have 7 teams.
Obviously, baseball would never mix up the AL and NL, but I thought this was a cool little exercise to show just how good the parity is in MLB.
(If you want to talk about the last 20 years, 7 more teams, or 21/30 have won pennants).
Also note that all four 90s expansion teams won pennants in this decade, and 25/30 teams saw at least some postseason action (excluding only TOR, PIT, KC, MON/WAS, and BAL). Pretty impressive!

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What if we had the divisions aligned based on which cities had the hottest women? Or the best Chinese food?

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OK, point taken. Just thought maybe someone might enjoy it, but apparently I am the only one.

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I think I know where this thread is going.

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OK, point taken. Just thought maybe someone might enjoy it, but apparently I am the only one.

Just having fun with you :cool:. In seriousness though, maybe you would have the 6 best teams head each of the 6 divisions and S-curve the rest NCAA tourney style. Because the way you have it the best meet the worst in the WS.

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I found it interesting :shrug: